Tenant Guide

Most landlords in New York City, typically require a tenant to earn a minimum of (40x to 50x) times the monthly rent. For example, if the monthly rent is $2,000 the applicant should earn no less than $80,000 to $100,000 (40 x $2,000=$80,000). Applicant should have stable employment history and good credit rating. If an applicant does not meet these requirements, a guarantor or extra security may be used. Guarantors are generally required to go through the same application process as the tenant. The Guarantor should earn 80 to 100 times the monthly rent and have good credit. A guarantor is a person who accepts financial liability in the event the tenant fails to pay the rent. A guarantor guarantees the rent for the entire lease term. Typically one month’s deposit and one month’s security, required at time of lease signing. Additional security may be required under certain circumstances. Landlord acceptable forms of payment are certified checks or money orders. Personal checks or cash are not acceptable forms of payment.

Additional information needed for qualification

Most landlords and management companies require copies of the tenants most recent bank statement, including checking, or savings account. Most rental applications require the tenants bank account information, employment verification letter, (2) most recent pay stubs, Federal Tax return, landlord, business and personal reference letters.